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We deal with different languages and offer you professional translation services in the following fields:

Legal Translation

Legal Translation of:

  • corporate kits and registration documents;
  • civil law contracts whatsoever;
  • banking and insurance documents;
  • certificates and powers of attorney;
  • court decisions and arbitral awards;
  • register excerpts.

Financial & Economic Translation

Financial & Economic Translation of:

  • corporate and banking annual reports;
  • balance sheets and financial statements;
  • auditor's opinions;
  • offering circulars;
  • presentations and business offers;
  • business plans;
  • economic researches;
  • business correspondence and advertisements.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation of:

  • pharmaceuticals application manuals;
  • epicrises and tests;
  • expert opinions as to chemical and pharmaceutical documentation;
  • reports on clinical trials;
  • certificates of pharmaceuticals registration;
  • manufacturing licences;
  • popular science articles covering various medicines.

Technical Translation

Technical Translation of:

  • manuals and terms of reference;
  • feasibility studies;
  • design specifications and estimates;
  • maintenance guides;
  • construction projects documentation;
  • websites and software.

Translation of Personal Documents

Translation of Personal Documents:

  • passports;
  • various IDs;
  • school and university diplomas and all kinds of certificates;
  • military service record cards;
  • employment history books;
  • exit permits.

Surely we do translate a lot more and are ready to consider any translation order. You can always look through our sample translations to make sure you are provided with a due quality outcome.

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