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Generally, translation is just a single step in the overall process of documents execution. Afterwards, the documents often need to be notarized and apostillized. We have long-standing relations with certain Moscow notaries public and can arrange for notarization of the translated documents. Look through the appropriate section to discover the prices for notarization services.

At the same time, please note the following peculiarities of the notarization process:

1. Signature Certification

Since currently the translation is not a licensed activity in Russia, notarization is the only way to officially certify the translation made by a translation agency. It should be noted that the notary certifies the authenticity of a certain translator's signature and not the veracity of the translation itself. According to a standard certification statement, it is exactly the translator who is liable for the translation quality and accuracy. Alternatively, at your request we may use our standard corporate stamp to certify the accuracy of the translation.

2. Right of Refusal to Perform Notarial Acts

A notary public is vested with the right of refusal to notarize the translation should the source document lack conformity with the law. In particular, your document shall specify the date and place of its execution, bear the signatures of executing officers and the seals of the appropriate legal entities and institutions. The documents issued by foreign state authorities to be implemented in Russia shall also have an apostille affixed thereon or legalized.

3. Official Language

A Russian notary public makes a certification statement in Russian only. No statements in any foreign language are allowed.

4. Translation Certification Priority

The notarization of a foreign document translation is always done first, which then allows making copies of the document and having them certified true and correct by the notary public.

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