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We perfectly understand that it is extremely important for you to earn the attention of your Russian partners or colleagues. Our professionals are always there to provide you with quality consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. We can arrange for:

Interpreting at:

  • business meetings and talks;
  • corporate presentations;
  • negotiations held at exhibitions and round tables;
  • workshops;
  • conferences;
  • lectures;
  • any other types of events.

Consecutive Interpreting

This type of interpreting is highly spread and most frequently used at various meetings, conferences, negotiations and workshops, etc. Consecutive interpreting is the best solution for a limited number of negotiating attendees. Only experts that have a good command of the related terminology will be at your service during the event. We demand a high level of knowledge and proficiency from our interpreters and give assurances as to the quality of our services.

Simultaneous Interpreting

One of its key features is that the interpreter starts translating while the speaker still goes on. This type of interpreting is often used for top-level and large-scale events attended by a great number of participants or focused on covering big audience. As compared to consecutive interpreting, this type of translation enables to sensibly decrease the event schedule. Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult type of translation which presumes impeccable language mastery, instant response and special skills of the interpreter that allow him/her to hear and speak at the same time, which is only possible through many years of constant training. And we are glad to offer you the services of said professionals!

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