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Apart from being a business company, we also undertake in-depth study of the language and have interest in everything connected with this universal means of people communication. This section provides you with curious articles and research reports covering various linguistic aspects. These materials are taken from sources across the world wide web as well as from reputable magazines intended for everyone interested in linguistics and translation issues, both amateurs and professionals.

New articles will be periodically added to the 'Round Table' section. We will also be grateful if you send us materials which might be informative and interesting for site visitors to:

Please note that the Russian site version contains articles on linguistics other than the translations of those contained in the English part of this section.

Currently four articles are brought to your attention:

  • Translation Error in Japan's Constitution
    What is the price of a translator's error? And what global political effects can it entail? The article covers a material error in the official translation of Japan's Constitution regarding post-WWII military status of the country.
  • Words and Productivity
    How many words does an average translator produce in a year? A brief comparison of the translators' output with the productivity level of some other writing professions.
  • The Meroitic Primer
    Some of the world's ancient languages still remain a mystery. The Meroitic language has a lot in common with the Egyptian writing system. However, by now the scientists had no success in deciphering Meroitic writings.
  • Saving Dying Languages
    According to linguistic experts the existing variety of the world's languages is at risk. Discover the five hotspots where the rare languages are spoken solely by elderly nationals and are on the brink of extinction.
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