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Placing an Order

Filing an order with our company is as easy as counting from one to three...


For Individuals

1. Filing an Order

You can personally hand over documents for translation (or send a courier) in our offices located at: 20, Tverskaya Street, office 429. We are open any time Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (no lunch breaks).

NOTE: We accept copies of personal documents only upon submission of their originals.

2. Making Advance Payment

We require 100% advance payment for our services when processing orders in case you do not leave original documents with us. Anyway minimum payment includes the price for translating one page and for rendering notarial services (if needed).

3. Receiving Translation

At the fixed time you’ve only got to come for the performed translation. At your request we can send the translation to your email upon payment for the order in full.

For Corporates

1. Filing an Order

NOTE: When first arriving at our premises the corporate attorney shall submit the following:

  1. a duly executed power of attorney issued by corporate top management for handing over the materials and obtaining performed translation as well as for paying our services;
  2. details of your company on its letterhead certified true and correct by the corporate CEO and the company seal;
  3. a letter of guarantee as to the payment for our services.

Further on we’ll be open to accepting cash or cashless payment and you’ll be free to send us documents for translating with your courier or by emailing them to

2. Making Advance Payment

Performed translations are mostly paid once the work is done. Yet in certain cases advance payment is needed.

3. Receiving Translation

At your request we can send our courier to your offices or send the translation to your email.


For Individuals and Corporates

1. Filing an Order

Our managers are always available over the phone to discuss the peculiarities of your order. We would be grateful for any materials regarding the event to be interpreted that you can send us so that the interpreter can familiarize himself (or herself) with the topic beforehand.

2. Order Payment

Interpreting is generally paid for by cashless transfer once the service is rendered.

In the appropriate site sections you can get to know our cost calculation method for a standard order and the way to pay for it. Before filing an order you can always make any additional inquiries by dialing +7 495 225 22 26 or sending an email to

+7 495 225 22 26
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
+7 926 264 68 44