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We adhere to moderate pricing. However, our translation services are worth paying for a well done job.


1. Translation Prices

European Languages: Prices for translating1
from foreign language into Russian
Prices for translating1
from Russian into foreign language
BulgarianRUR 450RUR 590
CzechRUR 750RUR 750
EnglishRUR 550RUR 650
FinnishRUR 590RUR 650
FrenchRUR 550RUR 650
GermanRUR 550RUR 650
GreekRUR 690RUR 790
HungarianRUR 490RUR 690
ItalianRUR 550RUR 650
LatvianRUR 490RUR 600
LithuanianRUR 490RUR 600
PolishRUR 490RUR 650
PortugueseRUR 600RUR 650
RomanianRUR 450RUR 600
Serbo-CroatianRUR 750RUR 750
SpanishRUR 550RUR 650
Prices for translating1
from foreign language into Russian
Prices for translating1
from Russian into foreign language
Arabic2RUR 1000RUR 1200
Chinese2RUR 650RUR 800
Hebrew2RUR 690RUR 850
TurkishRUR 490RUR 650
Vietnamese2RUR 590RUR 800
Languages of CIS
Member States:
Prices for translating1
from foreign language into Russian
Prices for translating1
from Russian into foreign language
ArmenianRUR 490RUR 600
AzeriRUR 490RUR 600
ByelorussianRUR 350RUR 500
GeorgianRUR 490RUR 600
KazakhRUR 490RUR 650
KyrgyzRUR 490RUR 650
MoldavianRUR 450RUR 600
TajikRUR 490RUR 600
TurkmenRUR 490RUR 600
UkrainianRUR 350RUR 500
UzbekRUR 490RUR 600
1 Prices are shown per standard page (containing 1,800 symbols including blanks). A translation volume of less than standard page is regarded as standard page.
2 Symbol count is based on the Russian text regardless of the target language. In all other cases symbol count is based on the target language text.

NOTE: You can save about 15–25% of the price (as compared to that shown in the above table) when placing an order for translating personal standard form documents (e.g. passports, diplomas, school and other certificates, etc.). In addition, you will be granted a 5% discount for every subsequent order once you produce our discount card issued to you when making your initial order.

2. Extra Charges for Special Services

Customer's Special Requirements Increment Ratio
Making a translation of up to five standard pages within 24 hours since placing an order (on the same day)31.5–2.0
Making a translation of five or more standard pages within a working day41.5–2.5
Editing and proof-reading of a translation1.3–1.8
Editing of a translation by a native speaker2.0–2.5
Translating of a highly focused text (legal, medical, technical, financial, banking, economic, etc.)1.25–2.0
Translating from one foreign language to anotherat agreed price
3 Within 24 hours since making an order.
4 Without regard to the day the order is made as well as week-ends and holidays.

3. Prices for Our Services Ancillary to Translation

Service Description Price
Order cost assessment and appropriate advicefree
Making photocopies/print-outsRUR 10 per page
Arranging for notarization of a translator's signature5RUR 449 per document
Arranging for notarization of a document copyRUR 60 per page of a document copy
Arranging for notarization of an additional translation counterpartRUR 449 per counterpart
Certifying translation as true and correct with Amira-Dialect's corporate seal and stampRUR 150 per document
Text layout and formattingFrom RUR 150 per page
Arranging for apostillization of a document6RUR 1400 per document
Courier delivery of documentsfree
5 Arranging for notarization includes technical work including the making of photocopies and broaching a document, affixing requisite stamps and courier's arrival at the Notary Public's office. Apart from the rate above, the customer shall also pay the state duty charged directly by the Notary Public for performing notarial acts which is given below.
6 Service rendered within 7–10 working days.

4. Amounts of State Duties Charged for Performance of Notarial and Other Acts

Service Description Price
Notarization of a translator's signatureRUR 250 per signature
Notarization of a document copy or an excerpt therefromRUR 30 per page of a document copy
or an excerpt therefrom
Apostillization of documentsRUR 2500

For Corporates:

We provide similar services to companies at the above rates under the appropriate contracts. Thus, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • stable cooperation on an ongoing basis;
  • a dedicated account manager with a personal approach to servicing your orders;
  • no need to reapprove the previously adopted terminology with our translators;
  • possibility to obtain the previously translated texts;
  • performance of a new text verification against the previously translated order at a discount;
  • most translations are performed with no advance payment.

Prices for corporates are shown in appendices to our standard services agreement. Certain provisions of the agreement may be adjusted considering the specific requirements of every customer.


Interpreting Type Price per interpreting hour Note
Consecutive interpretingfrom RUR 2550Minimum duration: 4 hours
Simultaneous interpretingfrom RUR 5550Minimum duration: 4 hours
Providing equipment for simultaneous interpretingfrom RUR 20000 per dayMinimum duration: 1 day

Interpreting is provided solely based on an agreement for rendering appropriate services to corporates signed in advance.

Prices for any non stipulated services (including translation to other languages) shall be individually agreed upon with the customer. In the appropriate site sections you can get to know our cost calculation method for a standard order and the way to file and pay for it. Before filing an order you can always make any additional inquiries by dialing +7 495 225 22 26 or sending an email to

+7 495 225 22 26
WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
+7 926 264 68 44