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Our Projects

As a transparent company we go beyond our everyday activities by applying our efforts in the following fields:

1. Cooperation with Linguistic Universities

We are in active search for new human resources and so we invite the 4th and the 5th year students from linguistic universities to undergo traineeship in our company. This kind of cooperation offers the trainees a chance to:

  • opt for a sort of immersion program designed to make them feel natural in the translation environment and to take immediate participation in our corporate activities;
  • develop useful professional skills and obtain necessary experience in the field;
  • expand their linguistic awareness due to working with real documents;
  • considerably improve their language proficiency by cooperating with other translators and interpreters;
  • discover the main features of the core translation programs and master them;
  • be supervised by a highly qualified staff which is in place to explain their major errors and to suggest the right decisions.

Moreover, those who put themselves on record will be offered an opportunity to be enrolled into our staff. This is the way we help universities in organizing traineeship for their students and provide the latter with an interesting and promising experience considering their major. Working in our staff opens them the road to the world of future success.

2. Opening of a Language Center

We also plan opening of a full-fledged language center designed for individual and group studies of foreign languages for various level students. Teachers will be chosen from among the native speakers. A similar opportunity will be granted to foreigners wishing to master Russian.

3. Round Table

Yet another project already exists right here and right now. The namesake section of our website gives you a chance to discover the most curious information on various languages of the world, find out new facts about linguistics, phonetics and grammar of Russian and that of the rare foreign languages. We not only make translations, but also undertake a thorough research of the language as a very special phenomenon and wish to share our discoveries with you.

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