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Translation Quality

Certain core factors determine the final translation quality. And all of them matter when it comes to achieving the intended result. These factors have been considered while making up the price list for our services and that is what you pay your money for.

1. Qualified Staff Recruiting

We adhere to collaborating solely with translators and interpreters who have vast experience and excellent translation skills. The Company's staff is represented by chartered translators and graduates from the best Russian universities: the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), etc. To fill a vacancy in our staff the contenders shall successfully pass a complex test. This helps selecting out the non-eligible contenders. In addition, we have been closely cooperating for years with a considerable number of highly skilled and experienced freelancers who master different languages.

2. Permanent Proficiency Improvement

Any language is quite a flexible substance and so we seek that our translators' qualification permanently rises while they discover new translation branches. Our staff takes part in specialty workshops and attends courses on an ongoing basis. During these events the leading linguistic ideologists and practitioners share their experience in applying new terms and accurately translating sophisticated term combinations. We have also subscribed for dedicated literature which gives our translators a chance to take advantage of using linguistic findings of the top professionals.

3. Cooperation with Experts in Other Fields

We enjoy an opportunity of getting advice from experts who are able to clarify the meaning of any certain term in the sphere of medical, legal or technical translation, so there are no blanks left in our translations. Besides, a chartered lawyer is also on staff to verify the accuracy of legal translations.

4. Availability of Reference Materials

We have carefully selected the necessary specialized dictionaries to put our translators at ease. To definitely find the required term with regard to the context and other peculiarities of the original we broadly use e-dictionaries and a set of issue-related materials. The latest computer software that helps facilitate the translation process and save time is also at our disposal. More on the translation technology...

5. Editing and Proofreading

Every text is then tested for translation accuracy, style and overall literacy. This task is undertaken by our staff editor with a many years' experience.

6. Formatting

We always try to make the initial text and its translation look similar so that the customers who lack a knowledge of foreign languages are able to see matching parts of the two texts. Moreover, we suppose that a good translation shall also have a good design.

7. Order Execution Speed

We strive to have in mind the customer's wishes concerning execution deadlines. Nevertheless, we abstain from promising the work to be done within a short time-frame should the translation be a lot more time consuming. Instead, we'll certainly let you know about the required time which enables us to make a quality translation. Our reputation is as good as gold to us!

Due regard to all of these factors is a sort of a guarantee as to the high end quality of our performance, which provides you with a reliable translation of your documents.

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