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Corporate Culture

In managing our business we adhere to principles that proved to be highly efficient throughout the years of the company’s existence. They guarantee the utmost translation quality and the best possible servicing for our customers.

Our corporate culture centers around three essential elements:

А. Translation Excellence

We strive to ensure the due quality of our translation regardless of its subject and level of sophistication, for a well-done work earns customer loyalty. This explains why we do not offer translation services at dumping prices which presume potential remake. Instead, we are ready to offer you our knowledge, experience and professional awareness in all major issues. This builds up a high-quality translation which sounds natural considering the specific features of the source text. Learn more...

B. Technology

We abstain from using computer-aided translation programs turning a clear text in one language into a raw mess in another one. To avoid this we use the latest achievements in Translation Memory technologies for accelerating the translation process while working with standard texts in order to minimize time expenditures when our work is time-critical for you. We have thoroughly selected the necessary background materials as well as paper and e-dictionaries to help us find any ambiguous term. Learn more...

C. Confidentiality

We appreciate your interests and clearly understand the confidential nature and the particular value of any documents you turn over to us. So we guarantee you will get them back totally intact. Moreover, the 'Chinese wall' principle prevents unauthorised access to your materials by employees who are not in charge of your order. Learn more...

These principles lay down the grounds for the stable quality level of our translations. Every customer is important to us and each one receives his/her share of attention. We offer our constantly growing professional experience to any of you.

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