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Business Units

Within our company we have designed certain corporate units that deal with various translation spheres considering the peculiarities of each text we translate.

1. Legal Translation Department

You can always count on the proficiency of our legal translation experts once you need a quality translation of an agreement with your foreign partners or a set of foreign corporate documents. This department also carries out the translation of intricate court resolutions and arbitral awards, annual reports, banking documents, powers of attorney and a lot more. The department staff includes a qualified lawyer to guarantee you the quality of a translated legal text. Click here to take a tour of our translation samples.

2. Technical Translation Department

Seeking your way to bring the newly developed foreign technologies to life in Russia and thus in need of an accurate translation into Russian of all the manufacturer's manuals and technical specifications? Or possibly trying to sell your own equipment to overseas partners? The skillful technical translators can offer you an exact translation of every necessary technical term and are always at your service. Click here to take a tour of our translation samples.

3. Medical Translation Department

We can handle a quality medical translation in case you have to undergo treatment in a foreign medical center and thus need a translation of all your documents covering operations and health surveys in Russia. We routinely translate reports on clinical trials and registration certificates for various pharmaceuticals which are essential for their further sale in Russia. Click here to take a tour of our translation samples.

4. Personal Documents Translation Department

In case you need an urgent passport translation to go through a registration procedure with the Russian Federal Migration Service or to get a job, this department's staff is always there to help you and to do the translation in no time. They will also handle the translation of your employment records, as well as educational documents or vital records. Click here to take a tour of our translation samples.

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