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Whatever you do mutual understanding is the key to your success. We perfectly get this point and strive to help professionals from different nations to freely communicate easily finding a common language. We know the way to find the right words, for language is our everyday business.

Amira-Dialect Translation Services Company has been rendering services across a wide customer range since 1999. We use a professional and flexible approach to the needs of every client, which earned us the respect among major banks and construction companies, legal offices and state authorities, as well as pharmaceutical enterprises and private individuals. The evident explanation to the fact lies in that we just do our business where high quality is our main principle.

Searching an accurate legal translation for making a deal with your foreign partners? We’ll handle it for you. A tangled foreign manual messes your mind and there’s no way out? A technical translation by our experts will clear the way. Need to get the documents for undergoing medical treatment in a foreign hospital translated into English or some other language but have no time to quarry in the dictionaries? No problem, we’ll make an urgent medical translation. Authorities request translation of your personal documents? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We also undertake notarization and apostillization of your translation. In case you need interpreter's services at a conference or a workshop we'll choose among the most brilliant professionals in the field. In addition, we offer you the full range of related services.

Similar services are offered by lots of translation bureaus, yet only few can respond for the quality of their end product. Choosing us is the best solution for those who look for accurate translation.

We follow every modern trend while pursuing rapid growth. Customer satisfaction is our key priority and to reach this goal we use our special know-how. At the same time, the experience we earned enables us to permanently expand our customer base.

Our merits:

  • high and stable quality of the final translation text through its redundant verification;
  • strict adherence to the corporate confidentiality policy;
  • customer satisfaction regarded as major task;
  • permanent improvement of staff skills;
  • searching only qualified translators when recruiting staff;
  • moderate prices;
  • use of state-of-the-art computer technologies to aid the translation process.

Our success is quite simple: we think that the translation should be done professionally at affordable prices. We do not offer services at knock-down prices the quality of which would be miserable. Instead, we fix prices which would correspond to a well-done work. The choice is yours but remember not to save money on your image. Amira-Dialect is your most suitable solution for quality translations.

We are always at hand to help you reach your goals!

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